The property

Our preserve is set up to accommodate only eight hunters at any given time.

Field “A” is 50 acres of CRP with some restored wetlands.

Area “C” is 35 acres of cattails, CRP, swamp grasses and food plots.

When “A” and “C” are combined, hunters can enjoy 90 acres of uninterrupted, diverse habitat.

Field “B” is a smaller, 25 acre parcel of CRP with restored wetlands. It is completely separated visually from fields “A” and “C” due to the woods.

We are also setting aside over 50 acres of habitat that will not be used by the preserve, that habitat in conjunction with the woods on the property will help protect local bird and deer populations in the area.

The entire farm will provide over 215 acres of undisturbed cover for wildlife from February 1st through mid-September.

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