From the Owner...

My name is Bill McDonald, and my wife, Lis, and I have three children. I grew up on the family farm, but Lis and I lived and worked in southeastern Minnesota for 17 years until we felt it was time to move our family home to the farm.

In 2006, my dad, Flip, decided he wanted to put the entire farm into CRP for wildlife preservation, and, we saw an opportunity to keep the family farm in conservation practices for years to come by starting a small scale pheasant hunting preserve on weekends.

Wings of Watertown is family owned and operated and uses the 240 acre family farm that was purchased in the 1930’s by my grandparents Kenneth and Margaret McDonald.

The farm is unique with its rich family history and the lay of the land is second to none with a wide variety of cover on the perimeter of the property including CRP, swamp grass, cattails, food plots, wetlands, and woods.

The grasslands and food plots surround the woods on the property which makes for beautiful scenery and habitat for all wildlife. Look at “The Property” link on our site to see the farm layout.

We are also different from other preserves in the sense that we are a “non-toxic” shot preserve. And, we have also set aside over 50 acres of non-huntable CRP on the farm in order to hold native birds and other wildlife on the property as well.

Our goals are simple.

  • Help other outdoorsmen enjoy hunting with family and friends at an affordable price that does not require the commitment of an entire day or weekend to South Dakota.
  • Provide an atmosphere for sportsmen that will allow privacy and safety during the hunt by separating the hunting areas with the woods on the property as well as by separating the timeframes for the hunts into morning or afternoon hunts.
  • Offer multiple bird packages that range from the average hunter that wants to work his dog once or twice a year before the season opens to the larger corporation that wants to provide an employee benefit or host client hunts to promote business by renting the entire preserve for a day.

Look through the rest of our website, enjoy the photographs, and we truly hope you will come and visit us! We look foreword to making your outdoor time with family and friends a time to remember and one you will want to repeat with us again.


Bill McDonald
Wings of Watertown


Wings of Watertown | 15950 Co. Rd. 20 | Watertown, MN | 612-756-3609 | E-mail Bill McDonald